Five Qualities Wine Connoisseur Look for in A Cup of Wine

June 17, 2020

Five Qualities Wine Connoisseur Look for in A Cup of Wine


There are five qualities a wine taster/drinker must assess in order to determine whether a wine is great: varietal character, integration, expressiveness, complexity and connectedness. 


  • Distinct varietal character: 


  • When a young wine that has been made from a single variety of grape presents its inherent grape aromas and flavors in a straightforward, clear and focused way, it is said to have varietal character. 



  • Integration 


  • A state whereby the components of a wine (acid, tannin, alcohol) are so impeccably interwoven that no one characteristic or component stands out. Integration implies that all the components have come together in a harmonious fusion. 



  • Expressiveness 


  • The quality a wine possesses when its aromas and flavors are well-defined and clearly projected. 



  • Complexity


  • It is more like a force that pulls you into a wine and impels you to repeatedly return for another smell and sip because each time you do, you find something new. 


  • Connectedness
  • The sense you get from the wine’s aroma and flavor that it could not have come from just anywhere but rather is the embodiment of a single piece of earth. 


=> Admittedly, a wine’s integration, expressiveness, complexity and connectedness may not be immediately obvious. But if you taste the wine slowly and think about these concepts, they’ll soon begin to make sense.

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