World Wine Company Limited RTG

World Wine Company Limited (RTG) is a company specializing in distributing wine product lines (Chile, France, Italy), Korean wine, spirits, fruit juices in Vietnam. In particular, PASSION is the exclusive wine brand that laid the foundation for the development of RTG

With the relentless efforts and enthusiasm of the management team and employees, we have been and continue to bring the products of RTG in general and the Passion brand in particular closer and closer. with Vietnamese Consumers.


RTG Co., Ltd  was established on October 29, 2004. Its initial headquarters was located in Ho Chi Minh City. The company focuses on managing the Southern Region and other regions throughout the country.


On November 14, 2008, the RTG Ltd branch officially established in Hanoi, marking a significant milestone in bringing RTG products to the Northern market.


On September 28, 2018, a branch was established in Da Nang, continuing to promote the development of RTG products in the Central Region.


RTG has become one of the largest wine distributors and suppliers to most supermarkets, convenience stores, and retailers nationwide. “Passion” has expanded its presence to the Philippines and the Cambodian market.


“Becoming one of the leading companies in wine distribution and building the Passion Wine brand to be the number one Wine Brand in Vietnam.”


“Continuing to research and improve existing products, develop new products, and provide consumers with increasingly high-quality products, contributing to building a better spiritual and healthy lifestyle for the Vietnamese people.”



Taking customer satisfaction and trust as the focus of all activities.



All products when introduced to the market are guaranteed to meet food safety standards.



The prices must be reasonable and suitable for all customer segments to ensure that everyone can afford and use the products.



Integrity is the core of all values. We are always honest, dedicated, and responsible.