Choosing the Best Wine for Valentine’s Day

With more people than ever celebrating Valentine’s Day at home this year, we’ve had a ton of people asking us: What are the best wines to serve for Valentine’s Day? Maybe you’re looking for a deep red to enjoy over dinner and dessert. Or perhaps you’d prefer a crisp white to sip while cuddled up under your favorite blanket near the fire. Whether you’re celebrating alone or with a special someone, make sure you choose the best wine for this special night. Below are tips to choosing the perfect Valentine’s Day wine, and the history behind some of the world’s most romantic wines.

Sparkling Wine Is Always a Safe Bet

Nothing sets the mood for a celebration like sparkling wine!One of the things that we like about recommending bubbles for Valentine’s Day is that sparkling wine is incredibly versatile at the dinner table.
It works well as an aperitif wine, served with just a light and (ideally) salty snack. But it can also be served as a nimble food that’ll pair well with a wide variety of dishes.In some countries, sparkling wine is even served with grilled or charbroiled steak! That’s how versatile it can be at the dinner table.


The first thing that comes to mind for most when thinking about romantic wines is Champagne from France. The refined bubbles and nuanced flavors of a great Champagne evoke romance that few other wines can. And when it comes to Champagne, the sky’s the limit: Nothing says, “Happy Valentine’s Day!” better than a prestige bottle of Champagne from one of the appellation’s great domaines or “houses.”

But as with Champagne, today there are all kinds of approachable and affordable sparkling wines similar to Prosecco made all over the world.
Rose wine
Most people reach for white wine when they order sushi. But you might be surprised how well rosé wines — striking a balance between the richness of red wine and the lighter character of white — pair with your favorite Japanese dishes. Valentine’s Day is a great occasion to splurge on a top rosé, like those produced in the South of France (think Bandol, not Provence, although we love Provence wines as well).

And in recent years, as rosé has become more popular among the hipster crowd, a lot of top wineries in California, France, Italy, and beyond have begun making world-class rosés.

Red Wine Completes a Great Meal

Red wine is another go-to for lovers on Valentine’s Day. The holiday is a great occasion to splurge on a favorite red wine you wouldn’t normally open for a weeknight dinner. When it comes to selecting the right red wine for Valentine’s Day, all the classic rules-of-thumb apply: First, decide what you’re going to be eating, then pick a wine based on what will pair well. Wine, in general, is extremely challenging to pair with sweetness. The sweetness in the dish will overwhelm the wine, which also has some sweetness to it, even for dry wines.

Sweet Wines (or, Dessert Wines)
If you crave something sweet for your Valentine’s Day celebration, check out our holiday guide to the best sweet or dessert wines.

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